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Call forwarding 3.00 per month

This is regarding call forwarding. When signing up for Call Forwarding at 3.00 a month does this use up air time...? I have Canada wide long distance and unlimited talk 24/7. In other words could I forward to a number for a whole month and not incur any additional charges?

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You have an unlimited minute price plan so no airtime applies. I'd suggest adding the call forwarding prior so you don't get dinged $0.50 per minute for the pay per use rate.
Is "Conditional call forwarding" treated the same way standard call forwarding is as far as pricing goes...?
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The only condition is you cannot forward to a 1800 # or an international #.
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Conditional call forwarding still counts because at the end of the day it's still call forwarding so if you don't have the add on, you'll be charged accordingly