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Buying New Plan Online with Own Phone

How do I set up a new plan online if I have my own phone? It won't let me checkout without choosing a phone, and I can't find the "I have my own phone" option.

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You'll need to order just a sim card, no plan and choose the plan when you activate. If you choose plan and sim card it wants you to order a phone as well. Then go here: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/add_an_own_phone_option_to_the_webstore_for_new_customers_with_unlocked_phones and vote for my idea to add an 'own phone' option to the webstore.
Awesome, will do. Creative idea. However, I'd like to take advantage of the deal that's ending tomorrow (August 7th) and I won't be able to activate it until next week. Any advice?
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You need to get hold of an unused koodo postpaid sim card. Once you have one you can call in and activate over the phone. Short of that, there's no way to reserve a plan right now unless you're ordering a phone too.
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When you order the sim card you should be able to add a plan as well, no? As long as that happens you should be fine. And even if not, I'm sure they will extend it to you considering you ordere prior to the expiry.