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buying a new pixel

  • 20 November 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m trying to buy a new pixel online and pay off my pixel 3a. My Pixel 3a though is completely dead and doesn’t work so I can’t verify through that phone but I can log in on the website and pay my tab etc. I can buy a new phone but it wants me to verify with my 3a which is dead.

2 replies

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The verification process was designed to protect customer from fraud. You would need the old SIM to receive the SMS. Any chance that you have another phone? or can you borrow a phone from someone to receive the verification code?

If you don’t have any option to receive the verification text, you will have to contact Koodo directly and ask a rep to assist.

oh good idea. I don’t have another phone on me but one at home so ill try later. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way to talk an actual rep. Maybe I’ll just stop by Koodo on my way home. Thanks