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Broken phone - Can I get a new one with the same plan?

I've had a phone with Koodo (on tab) for 2.5 years now, and recently broke it to the point that it probably isn't worth getting fixed. My tab was recently waived (I assume due to the new law), and was only about $50 left anyways. I'm having trouble finding a straight answer online for what I can do now. Can I get a new phone through Koodo on tab, and add it to my existing plan (which is better than the new plans)? I don't care if it's one of the cheap ones.

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Yes, you can get a new phone on a new tabm you get to choose one of the cheaper plans that are available on the koodo website and to choose a tab to get yourself a new phone!
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You can also get a phone on a new tab and keep your existing plan (Assuming it's not a Tab L.... those require a Tab L plan)