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Bright Friday 'additional line' promo (via text) - when does this expire, if ever?

  • 21 November 2020
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A few days ago (Nov 17-2020), I received this ‘Bright Friday’ offer via text (see below).

I want to take advantage of it by adding my partner to my Koodo account (BYOD). Obviously, however, I would like to apply this offer on top of the best ‘plan’ possible. There are some nice deals for plans right now - but I am wondering whether I should hold out for one more week (until the actual ‘Black Friday’) to see if even better plans are offered then? (And, of course, still apply this promo code.)

My concern is that if I wait for (potentially) better Black Friday plans, that this Bright Friday offer (sitting in my text inbox) will stop working (i.e., the promo code they provided just suddenly won’t work). Does anyone have any sense of how long this promo code (below) will work? Should I wait one more week or use it now before they ‘end’ Bright Friday? Thanks!


2 replies

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Promos come and go quite frequently. I would use it before you lose it. Worse case scenario, if you see a better deal later you've got 30 days to return it for online orders and 15 days for in store.

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Doubt it. Bright Friday is just what Koodo calls black Friday. Everyone's extended it to spread out shoppers wanting black Friday deals. This is likely it.