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Brainstorm Contest: Pay by the day roaming competitive with T-Mobile rates

  • 23 September 2014
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A great way to keep Koodoo customers spending money with you, and not giving money to American providers when in the US, is to provide pay by the day unlimited plans (roaming) when in the US. T-Mobile offers such pay as you go plans for unlimited talk/text/data in the US, and it makes much more sense currently for someone to put in a T-Mobile SIM when in the US and by this service from T-Mobile vs. paying the high Koodoo roaming rates. If you could work out a deal with them as an example, and maybe charge $1 more per plan and offer similar plans/service via Koodoo it would be easier for customers when in the US, and provides a convenience option that would attract customers to Koodoo that spend time in the US, as well as keeps money in your pocket vs. it going to T-Mobile for pay-by-the-day pay as you go plans in the US (only pay on the days you use it).
Link: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/pay-by-the-day-cell-phone-plans

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