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Border City Problems!

I live in a Windsor, ON, bordering Detroit. I am in Michigan frequently. Is there an affordable plan that gives me what I have now and allows me the same coverage when I'm in Michigan?

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Realistically you have to add a roaming pass every trip or get an unlocked phone and use a prepaid US provider SIM when you're down there.
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Are you able to stay on Koodo's connection while in Detroit if you go into your settings and manually select the Telus/Koodo network?
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Dennis wrote:

Are you able to stay on Koodo's connection while in Detroit if you go into your settings and manu...

You can keep on Koodo till just past i94 i96 if you set the phone to manual network selection. Downtown gets spotty based on the buildings around however.
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Alternative is to get a Tracfone for US. One year's service + phone + 1200 minutes + txt + 1.2 gb data for $100-120 or so on eBay or Amazon.com Check out LG Ultimate 2 or Moto E on shopcelldeals store. Tracfone is one of the few US pre-paids that will let you easily call from US to Canada without toll charges. Coverage is Verizon CDMA network. No roaming. Period. Phone will be dead in several years when CDMA is dropped, but in the meantime you can't beat ~$8 US per month if you are a frequent cross-border visitor. BTW, you should change your network preferences to Koodo ONLY to avoid picking up US towers and getting charged for roaming. But I gather you have already done this step...
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Hello Dana,

If you live close to the Windsor/Detroit border, give us a call before you go to Detroit so that we can look into this and help you avoid/reduce potential charges as we do not have access to your account here in the Community.

You can reach us at 611 or 1-866-995-6636.

Thank you! 🙂