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Bonus data on the 40/50 dollar plans??

I looked on koodo's website yesterday November 15th and I could have sworn that the 40 dollar and 50 dollar plans had bonus data. I have been waiting for this to happen as my contract with bell is expiring and I am going to switch to koodo. I was planning to go get the iphone 5s today. When I checked the site this morning the bonus data was gone from the 40 and 50 dollar plans. Whats up with that or was I imagining it??

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that's something we need to report. Thanks for sharing that. Hurry up This offers ends Sunday November 17th! Go today to the store and they will be able to get you that PLAN!
if I cant see the bonus data on the 40/ 50 dollar plans anymore then how will some store clerk at say future shop be able to offer it to me if he cant see it?? and if you say the offer ends tomorrow then I raise the question again as to how come its not visible on the web site. So from your response was there bonus data on the 40 and 50 dollar plans yesterday and not today??
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I checked Koodo website. and it says "Only available in Ontario. Offer ends November17,2013" If you are from Ontario, check it again 🙂
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Same here. Clear your browser cache and cookies and look again Try setting your region to ontario and try again.

Figured it out with your guys help. This brings up two points about this web page. First- The tab to select the region is at the very bottom of the page. this will lead to looking at the wrong information as I did. If they offer different incentives for different areas of the country than the region tab should be at the top. Second-- why are there different bonuses for different areas of Canada. A double minute bonus that is offered in Ontario should also be available in Nova Scotia. NOT TO IMPRESSED. I will have to do more thinking about weather I switch from Bell to Koodo
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It's common for carriers to offer specials to different regions just due to population density, incomes in that region, geographic data.