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Bonus 1 GB Data - Displayed as an Add On

  • 9 December 2015
  • 4 replies

Well, I got the Black Friday 49.00 1GB (+ Additional 1GB data) deal and today it finally showed up on my self-serve account.

I expected the usage "counter" to be 2 GB, but what they have done instead is there are now 2 usage counters.
One for the 1GB that comes with the plan, and another one called Bonus 1GB Data.
Both have (some) usage displayed (which is odd) - as I would have expected that they would count usage to fill up the first 1GB bucket before tracking usage into the other one.

Also, I noticed that the Bonus 1GB Data is listed as an "Add On" in my account.

So I find this an oddball way to look at it.
I would have thought it would be simpler to just make the plan say 2GB - period.

I am not sure how the "two data usage counters" are going to work - going forward.
Are they going to "take turns" tracking my data usage between themselves ?

The Koodo MOBILE APP - actually is tracking it as only (one) counter (of 2048 MB) - so maybe it is only the WEB account view that is odd.

In any event, I am happy to have been able to get the 2GB 49.00 plan.
This is what I consider to be the "sweet spot" for a plan - given the price and data usage included.

4 replies

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I noticed the same thing. Maybe they'll merge the two datas into one eventually.
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Yay, I guess they finally updated their system to have the 1GB bonus as thing that could be shown on the self serve app.

When my account was set up, the woman at the kiosk gave me unlimited data for 10 days. So I actually had three usage dials this morning. 

I've used 1.7GB of unlimited in 9 days. The other counters are reading 0. I expect the Unlimited data dial will go away when my new bill cycle starts tomorrow.
Is this showing up for other people too?

I still don't see the bonus 1gb on my end

Is this showing up for other people too?

I still don't see the bonus 1gb on my end

I haven't got it either...