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Black Friday web outage = no online bill credit?

I was ready to upgrade my phone yesterday (prompted by the offer of $100 bill credit), but had difficulty with the web site access.  I realize that I can get the iPhone 6S at Best Buy (+$200 BB gc) or Walmart, but both locations are trying to change my plan or have me pre-pay against the Tab.  Online I was able to keep my $40 plan plus qualify for the bill credit, but now the site is down and Koodo is directing customers to local dealers.

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Tab Medium entry point is a $45 plan so you'd have to get a phone on tab small or buy it outright. Is this the case?
One store rep told me last night that I could keep current plan if I paid $120 upfront on my Tab. If I have to change plans and need to hit the $55 price point for 1 gb, I am very clear on what I plan to do.  Regardless of the service plan issue, the online-only $100 bill credit offer is moot as long as the self-service is offline.