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Black Friday Promotion Changed During my Order

  • 25 November 2020
  • 4 replies

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G as a new customer on a Black Friday promotion, but now that my order has been shipped, the Black Friday deal has gotten better. I ordered Nov 20th and over the weekend the deal changed from included JBL headphones to Galaxy Buds - a significant improvement.

After calling support, they said they can’t do anything. As a new customer, I’m already feeling like I’ve been tricked and feeling a bit stupid for falling for early deals.

Is my only option returning the whole phone once it arrives and cancelling my order entirely? I’m not sure the deal will still be on at that point.

4 replies

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So, you open a new account? And they refused to give you this promo?

Did they say why?

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Do you have the JBL headphones now?

The promotion was changed as my order was getting processed. I haven’t received anything yet, but it’s been shipped as of today. Tried reaching out to support to see if they’d honour the better deal, but they said no. 

Really sours the relationship right off the bat.

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Well if the order has shipped then the jbl headphones likely would have shipped as well. In that case there would be nothing they can do apart from having you return everything and reorder.