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Black Friday Plans, but not for loyal customers.

  • 18 November 2023
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So in order to get a better plan, because I’m already a customer, I have to leave Koodo and go with Virgin (There’s a few companies offering the same deal)  in order to get the same plan for the same price, cause I’ll be a New Customer to them. I don’t understand why Koodo can’t just give the plans to anyone. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a new customer or a customer who’s been with them for 6 years.

2 replies

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It’s pretty standard that deals are for enticing new customers. Not even limited to the telecomm industry. Koodo does have the 100gb for 60 dollar plan avialable to any current customer in self-serve. But if you want the 35 dollar plan, then yeah, customers with any of the carriers might end up having to go to another one of their choice.

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 You could try and contact Koodo through Facebook messenger.  I have read in other forums that they sometimes will give you these plans that are suppose to be for new customers only.  Make sure you mention that Fido and Virgin has the same plan.  Worst they can do is say no.