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Billing when adding a new line

  • 19 November 2020
  • 2 replies

When I select a plan when adding a new line, am I selecting a plan just for the new line or is it shared by both lines? I.e. if I choose a 4 GB plan, is my existing plan upgraded to that and the 4 GB is shared between both lines, or will I just be adding an extra 4 GB plan for the new line on top of my already existing plan?

2 replies

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You're just selecting a plan for the new line. The existing one stays the same. Both lines stay separate, they don't share data or anything so you'll have your existing number that has access to its current plan, and then you'll have your new line that has access to whatever plan you choose for it.

What Allan said,


i have 2 phones on my plan and we don’t share anything but the bill.. :)