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Better Family Plan

Koodo should create a costworthy (and when I say costworthy, I mean bargooon) package that includes a basic phone [b]and plan add-on kit for children of existing Koodo parent customers. The package would restrict the kids to incoming texts/calls ONLY from their parents or emergency contacts that were established when the phone is set up. The parent would have full control over who those 4 or 5 people might be. The child would only be able to text/call those 4 or 5 people (like an emergency line). Hence, you've greatly reduced the cyber risk to children, saved the teachers great grief when younger kids can handle a cell but push the boundaries in school hours; yet kept them in touch with their safety net 24/7! This is truly the best idea because so many people are eliminating land lines, yet would like to keep their children safe with emergency access!

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