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Best plan for travel plan?

I am looking for the best plan to suit my following needs. Large amount of texting rather then calls, Video streaming ie: hockey games, etc., I travel south of the border and would like to avoid any extreme extra costs over and above my monthly plan when I need to use my phone (for whatever) while in the USA. I won't be downloading music, but will use the phone to take and send pictures. I have no issue with paying for a high end monthly plan when I get the use out of my phone that I need. Like most of you, I am sure, I don't want any surprises when the bill arrives in the mail.

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Be connected to wifi when you're doing any data roaming. Koodo does not offer much for data roaming, so you're better off using wifi. Take a look at the US roaming addons. Those are what you can select from.
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The US roaming add-ons suck especially if you plan on streaming. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html I would recommend unlocking your phone and getting a prepaid sim in the US. The rates will be much lower
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Just to add to Dennis's post above, last I looked T-Mobile offers unlimited calling, texting, and data on prepaid for about $60 a month. If you're gonna be streaming a lot of video maybe give them a look.
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Unlock your phone and head over to Wind and get a pay before (25$) sim. For 45$ (30$ plan and 15$ unlimited usa add on) you can talk/text/5gb data as much as you want. It's prepaid so there is no commitment. When you get back to Canada, put your Koodo sim back in your phone because wind is worthless in Canada unless you live / work in one of their Zones.