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Bad service from this store... Koodo Authorized Dealer Centre Domaine, 3235 Avenue de Granby, 9 Montreal

Today I went in my usual Koodo (Koodo Authorized Dealer Centre Domaine, 3235 Avenue de Granby, 9 Montreal) store to get information. The smart ass owner/manager in this store should not be in business, she has the worst manner that I ever encounter in any business. This morning I went in yhis store to get some clarifications about my phone bill and she said to me very a very arrogant matter that she can't help me and I had to call Koodo directly to get information... All this during the time that she was typing on her cell phone... Her employée took the time to verify and call Koodo... She got the information that I needed and I was happy... I thanked the employée for the excellent service. I could see in the frace of the owner/manager that she was not happy about the fact that I received an excellent service from her employée. I told her that when I was working (I am now retired) I would not tolerate that kind of attitude and that she did not deserve to be a OWNER/MANAGER... P.S. I was a Sales VP during my working years and I would have fired an employée like her... She is giving a bad reputation to Koodo...

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Hello Normand, 

That's unusual from a Koodo employee. They usually offer better service as you can see here : https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i-would-like-to-post-a-review. I'm sure a Koodo employee will see this post and reprimand the 2 employees that helped you.
Please do not reprimand the good employee, she gave me an excellent service... Reprimand or even better... fire her, only the arrogant owner/manager that gave me very bad service and also impolite... It does not help the Koodo reputation...