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Automatic Koodo Tab Saver

Currently, as it stands Koodo postpaid customers get up to $150 in positive tab balance by continuing to pay full price for their plan each month, with 15% of their monthly bill going towards positive Tab. Koodo also offers no Tab customers the option of 10% off their monthly bill. When a customer reaches $150 in a positive tab balance, they continue to pay their full bill, without getting their rightful 10% off unless they reach out to Koodo. I think that upon reaching the maximum Tab balance the 10% off should be automatically applied. Many customers pay their bills without really thinking about it. I feel like this is the kind of service that makes Koodo stand out from their competitors. It's the little things that count.

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Don't you lose your positive tab if you switch to the 10% off option?
No. When you switch to the 10% option your Tab balance is frozen and you can still put it towards a new phone down the road.