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My idea for the brainstorm is for Koodo to be innovative with their promotions and feature the option of 'Auto-Cashback' on new and upgraded monthly plans. 

The Auto-Cashback would be a new incentive for customers to purchase longer term deals, as it is not offered in Canada. 
As an example Koodo could offer the Huawei Y330 for free as part of a 2 year contract at $40 a month. Then at pre-determined interval periods within the 2 years the customer will receive credits to their account automatically, with the final cash back being given on the 2 year anniversary.

I believe this option is a win-win for all as the customer is guaranteed to stay with Koodo for a certain term and the customer gas reduced monthly rates at the end of the contract. My suggestion is to offer different cash back amounts depending on the handset purchased.

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