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At activation, do you choose your phone number?

I haven't activated a phone in years and I forget how the process works. Okay, so when I go to the Koodo kiosk, will the person there give me a phone number or can I choose one from a list of available ones? Thanks.

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You should be able to choose one from a short list of available numbers. They can try to search for a specific last 4 digits as well.
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James as Jorden mentioned they do have a list of numbers this is the case,while your activating the number,just ask to see the numbers available,That way your satisfied with the number:)
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I activated my prepaid SIM online and got the most gorgeous number in the world, as Jorden and Linda said, you choose from a list and you might just be lucky 😃
yea i got my phone a month ago...just dont use it b4 changing the number and u wont get charged at all