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Are there any week long travel plans? I saw that there is a plan for mexico for $40 but it is over a 30 day period.

I'm looking for a travel plan for a week long, preferably with more available data usage since I'm going to be paying my bills while I'm in Mexico. The closest thing I have found is the Roaming Bundle for $40 which lasts 30 days. I only need a plan for 7 days and I definitely need more than 50MB of data. Reference: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling

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Hi Jen,

The only plans available for travel to Mexico are 30 day plans. You only have 2 different options.

Option 1 - 15$
  • 75 outgoing texts
  • Free incoming texts
Option 2 - 40$
  • 50 minutes
  • 50mb of data
  • 50 outgoing texts
  • Free incoming texts
If you feel that the 50mb is too small, just remember if you are going to a resort or something, there will more than likely be wi-fi made available to you. Any high amount of data used will be quite costly. You can read up more about add-ons here:

You can read up more about overage charges here:
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You want more data. And if you need more talk minutes and/or texts also, you might want to unlock your phone and use a local prepaid service. It could be a little hassle for one week trip tho. (It will cost you to unlock and get a local sim and a new number to contact your friends/family)