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Are incoming calls included in 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes?

I would like to know specifically whether incoming calls, from within Canada but not necessarily from a cell phone from my local calling area, would be included in my "500 Canada-wide anytime minutes".  

We work with a lot of people from out of the area and are currently paying through the nose for incoming long-distance charges, even when those numbers are part of our "faves" list.

Thank you!

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You should not be paying long distance charges of any sort on incoming calls, even on your current plan, unless YOU are outside your local calling area. Incoming calls to a Koodo phone number will use your anytime minutes, or free evening & weekend minutes if during those hours, but no long distance charges while you are in Canada.

We are with another provider now and looking at switching to Koodo.  This is one of the big reasons!

Thank you 🙂