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Are incoming calls free on the $63 unlimited plan?

I just got the $63 "heavyweight" plan (it's now on promo for $55 until May 31st), which offers unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited evenings and weekends. I don't see anything about incoming calls specified on my contract or in the self-serve section, so I was wondering: 1) Are incoming calls free if someone in Canada is calling me (regardless of where in Canada they may be)? 2) Are incoming calls free if someone outside of Canada is calling me? I find the FAQ section on incoming calls quite confusing, so I was hoping someone here could help me out 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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Hi Little Robot, Unlimited calls is unlimited calls, wether its incoming or outgoing. As long as you are in Canada, any call received will be part of your plan.
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And a small side note, you are not charged for incoming International/Long Distance calls 🙂
Thank you guys!