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Allow Roaming Add-ons to Work Retroactively

Most times when I use my data, or sms or airtime when I'm in the states I didn't know I was going to need to. For example, I thought I knew how to get to a place but ended up needing the GPS on my phone, or I thought the person I was picking up would be ready but I needed to call or text them. Most of the time I do not have the time to get the roaming add-ons that would save me money. It would be nice to be able to buy the add-on after I have used the roaming data, sms, or airtime and have it apply retroactively to what I have used that month.
This could help Koodo as well. Roaming charges have always been a sore spot with consumers and this could help win more customers over. I do recognize that the add-ons Koodo offers now are great, but this would be one more step towards more convenient cell phone use. Koodo could actually get more from their current customers as well. If the customers knew they could choose an add-on after they use the data they may be less reluctant to roam which would mean more money in Koodo's pocket.
I believe that this move would be seen as going above and beyond for Koodo's customer satisfaction.

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