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Allow customers to re-select their past plan, regardless of current market availability

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Proposed feature: The ability to re-select a previous promo plan (or other expired plan). Requirements: 1. The customer must have had the plan before. 2. The customer's account must be in good standing, similar to unlocking requirements. 3. The customer must not have cancelled their account. Reasoning: 1. The current Seasonal Hold offers little benefit to the customer. $15/month to simply keep your number isn't a value-heavy proposition - especially when customers can cancel by porting their number to a VoIP service for a one time fee ($25 in once instance) and then port it back to Koodo after their return for free. 2. Long-time customers that have good plans may be forced to cut back on their spending for a number of circumstances and have to select a cheaper plan for the time being. If they improve their financial standing and can again afford to spend more, their old plan is no longer available to them now and they certainly won't be happy that they're now getting less for more. Additional Notes: 1. If this involves too much effort to put into Self Serve, a possible solution would be to require a call to a CS rep. 2. To make things fair to Koodo as well, I'd limit eligibility to re-subscribe. Ideally, this would be 24 months after said plan was switched out by the customer. And I wouldn't limit the number of times this can be done. If said plan was not used at all during that time, it would no longer be tied to a customer's account in any way.

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