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Allow customers to keep their un uses data and cumulate it as well as minutes.

Possibility to carry on unused data, minutes, and text messages on to next months.

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Koodo already allows this on prepaid (except all plans have Unlimited messages). All boosters don't expire until they're used up. Postpaid more than likely won't get it because it was already attempted from AT&T in the U.S back in the day and it failed.
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If you need to stick with post-paid for whatever reason, you always have the option to switch your plan for one that has less or more consumption, as the case may be. However, it gets tedious to calculate the net result because your bill will span proportions of two plans. And if you go over your allotment, buying a bigger plan will not save you from overages due at the plan change date, it will only give you extra breathing room after the plan change. Better not to spend money on minutes/data etc that you don't use in the first place, rather than carrying over something which you may not need eventually. My personal choice for friendly handling of varying consumption post-paid billing is ConsumerCellular in the US. Feel free to change your plan on-line till the last day of your billing cycle --- that is the plan that will apply to your whole month's billing. Crank it up or cut it back. No proportional splits. You have to be really negligent to incur overages because their usage tracking is very good.