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Alberta Number with Saskatchewan Plan

  • 18 January 2017
  • 2 replies

I have Alberta   Number with Saskatchewan $48 plan since 2015 June.  and i am paying on time no problem from last two 1 and half year. Because that time i move in Alberta and they port my number same time. Today i call customer service about my bill. because some over charges , she look at my profile and she said how you keep Alberta number on Saskatchewan plan . i told her this number i have since 2015 with koodo she said no we will change ur plan. i am not happy. i have to cancel my number if they change,,,what i can do 

2 replies

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All customers are required to have a local plan to where they live. A lot of scams are happening where people take an out of province plan and think it's okay, as you can see, Koodo will catch on. Not saying your doing this, but this is why you got switched most likely.
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Feel lucky that you got away with it as long as you did instead of getting mad at the fact you were doing something wrong, that's the best way to deal with this.