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Affordable Roaming Shouldn't be That Hard

For those who like to travel out-of-country for a few weeks or months at a time, the best option is currently to switch to a $10/month seasonal hold plan and pick up a cheap foreign plan for the duration of the trip. If koodo offered an affordable monthly roaming plan with a modest amount of minutes and free texts and a small amount of data, it would save a lot of hassle to the traveller, especially for someone who hopes to use their phone as little as possible while they are enjoying their trip. Why not offer a $30-40/month (or $1/day) roaming plan that includes, maybe, 50 roaming minutes, 100 free texts, and 100 mb of data? Paying $35 for a roaming add-on on top of your regular monthly plan is just too much. Koodo ends up losing money to customers who opt for the minimum $10/month and take their roaming business elsewhere.

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Because it come down to the agreement between Koodo and the provider of the USA(which ever on they happen to deal with). It could be set up that the provider in the States doesn't even allow Koodo phones to access the mobile network, but it's not.
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I don't think there are that many people in this beautiful country of ours who can afford to travel months at a time. 🙂 Koodo has to negotiate roaming with phone companies around the world so setting prices that are simple and affordable is likely harder than doing the same for canada. I myself strongly advocate what you have already suggested. Travel around with an unlocked phone and just pop in a SIM from a company of the country you are travelling to. It's really no hassle. Almost all airports around the world have stores selling these, so upon landing you could be set up in 5 seconds. You can even just have one SIM. A world SIM can be had for a mere $4.95. http://www.brightroam.com/productlist.aspx or these guys https://www.worldsim.com/
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I'm not sure why Koodo doesn't offer packages as well. They already have the international roaming agreements in place as you can currently use your device at pay per use rates. I doubt you'll ever see unlimited options ($1/day), but surely they could have some sort of packages if they wanted to. Bell, Rogers, Fido, Telus, Virgin, even Wind all offer international travel addons. It seems Koodo just isn't bothered to offer this.
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mattjs wrote:

I'm not sure why Koodo doesn't offer packages as well. They already have the international roami...

It barely ever comes in discussions here, so maybe demand is not there for it. I'm pretty sure koodo has much younger customers who figure out that making calls through wi-fi is free etc. I'm sure they also more opt to have their phone unlock and switch sims.
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Keep into consideration the seasonal hold is required to be on the account minimum 30 days.