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Affordability and Koodo

I've been checking out phone plans with multiple companies and Koodo without a doubt has the best deals. Very pleased with the affordability of the plans offered.

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Same here! I just switched to Koodo not too long ago and I dont even want to remember my time with my old cell phone company... Im slowly forgetting lol. Koodo is really fair and I've heard nothing but good things about them. Im glad I made the switch. Koodo is my cell phone company for life!
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me too
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I came to Koodo because I was 3,300 Kms from home for several weeks and all was well until my SIM card died (only need to be reachable for drop dead emergencies, the kind I don't mind paying $2.50/minute for), and the phone went into "Emergency calls only" mode. So I called my carrier via Skype-out, they had me remove the battery, re-seat the SIM card, etc. OK, your SIM card is dead. Only thing you can do is go get a local SIM pre-paid card. So I told them, well as inconvenient as it may be to have to give everyone that may need to contact me in an emergency my new foreign phone number I will do that, so give me the unlock code for my phone (I purchased it outright and it was never under contract). While they admitted they “had” the unlock code they couldn't give it to me as a matter of “policy”. So I politely told them they were making a grievous error and had no right to hold my equipment hostage when I fully paid for it up front but they wouldn't budge. I politely wished them a happy new year and ended the one hour long call. Five minutes later I had a grey market unlock code and 10 minutes after that I had a new SIM card and phone number and was back on the air and sending out emails to let people know my new number. When I returned to Canada I ported to Koodo (and several other phones also). So they called me and their customer service rep said “I wish I had taken your call, I would have given you the unlock code”. “So now how can we get to come back as our customer?”. “Oh, that’s easy, just give me the same deal I have now with Koodo.”, “Ah… we can’t compete with that”. “Great, well, be sure to call me again only when you can, have a great day, bye bye now.”