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adding more data

how do i add more data using the self serve app on my phone? the sales rep told me i had enough data for what i use it for but i go over it in a week or less.

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Unfortinately Koodo doesn't offer more then 2GB for $60 per month. The 75$ PP for 3GB isn't worth it be because you end up paying an extra $5 for nothing. Plus side, if you happen to use the 2GB included with that price plan it's $10 for every GB after! It's important to keep monitoring your data useage! I hope this helps!
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What plan do you presently have & how much data is included?
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You have a couple of options. 1) If your plan does not have enough data, Upgrade your plan to include more data 2) If you dont want to change plans or your plan already has the higest level of data. Keep your plan and any thing over your data allotment will be considered pay per use. The Current Data plans are only $5 for an extra 250MB 3) Try reduce your data usage by trying to take advantage of Wifi when at home or out in public