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How do I activate a second SIM card/line to my existing account?

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It's simple, my friend. Go in to any Koodo shop or authorized retailer for Koodo (with ID to prove you're the account holder) and ask them to look at your account for adding a line. You can get a new phone/Tab, bring your own phone over, and either choose a new phone # or port in an existing one (as long as it's active). Please keep in mind that you cannot be on the spending limit program if you wish to do this. If you're still on SLP when they review your account, ask the rep to call channel care to see if you're eligible to have it removed. I'm not 100% sure if online activations are possible for adding a line to someone's account simply because I've never tried it myself but as far as I'm aware, you could also just order a SIM card from Koodo and then call in to activate it once it arrives, but going to a store is usually the best way to go about these types of things (unless you live very far away from one).
I live far from a store. The online activation didn't work for my first line and I will be charged $35 for the phone call. The rep told me I could activate my second line online. I can't see how. I've been with Koodo for 3 days and I'm already ready to switch to another company.
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I think online activations has been down/unavailable for some time. If you were to call customer service and wanted to activate it over the phone due to being unable to do it online, I don't think they'll charge you for it. There's only service fees when you want to change something that is already available to be done yourself through Self Serve. Give them a call during normal operating hours and see what they'll do for you. Sorry about the frustration!