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Adding another line to my exising Koodo account

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi - I’m not entirely sure what “adding a new line” means in terms of specifics. Could someone please explain what is entailed? I would like to have a group/family plan with my fiance. If I add her to my existing Koodo account, does that simply mean we share the monthly minutes and data? Does she need to change her number?  I have a Quebec # and she has an Alberta #, will that be an issue? Can this be truly be done online or is it best to coordinate with sales rep over the phone or in store? Thanks!

3 replies

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Adding another line to your account means you’re adding a second number.

While ordering online you will choose what plan you want, and a sim card gets shipped to you. Once the sim card has arrived you can port your fiance's number over to koodo so that she can keep the same number.

If you want it done quickly and all at once, you can instead visit a store. That way you’ll get the sim card right away and be able to port the number over then and there


You will each have your own plans, nothing gets shared between the two lines and it doesn’t matter if you have numbers from different provinces, it may change which offers become available to you in terms of pricing. (Quebec has different plans than the rest of canada)

Thanks so much! Very helpful. I’ll likely just try to do this in store.


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Adding a new line is not sharing plan.

You have an account/ line already. If you want to add your fiance under your account, she will have her own plan and phone number. But, service fee will be your responsible. (You will receive a bill for both line).

Log into self serve and go add a line. You need to pick a plan for her and they will send a SIM for her.  It will be preactivated and temporary number is on it. So once you received it, you can port her number into her line. ( Don't cancel her current line since they need active account to potting)

You mentioned you have a QC number. And she has an AB number. Does she want to keep AB number or plan to switch to QC number? 

If you pick a QC plan for her, then porting AB number on the line/plan will be problem.

ADD : I took too long to reply. I didn't know Allan is already giving you answer.