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adding a line to the account

  • 22 November 2021
  • 2 replies

ok so am i correct in saying if im adding a line to my account you both choose a plan and phone and nothing is shared ?so what is the point of adding a line if everything is individual anyway. i was gonna switch the wife to my plan but it sounds pointless .am i missing some benefit of doing this ?

2 replies

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Main “benefit” is having everything on one bill. As well you can currently get $5 off for 24 months when you add a second line as well on plans $45 or more. ($40 or more in Quebec).

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Koodo doesn’t have “shared” plans. Those are reserved for Telus/Rogers/Bell.

I guess if you don’t need individual line, don’t add it. If the shared plan is a must for you, you have to switch to other carriers.

Anyway, they sometimes had additional credit if you add a line. However, it depends on the promotion