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Adding a 6th Phone?

My youngest is getting a phone and we already have 5 on the account. Is there a way to add a 6th (from what I've read I'm guessing not)....and if not, can I move one of the existing phones off to a new plan (and lose the family calling) but keep the current plan it has (old basic no data plan for emergency only).

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Well, TELUS also says 5 is the limit, but my father's account has 9 lines, but we had to talk to customer service before we could add 5+ lines (and yes it is a regular consumer account). The TELUS rep who activated the 6th line said he'd never seen anyone be allowed to get more than 5 lines before on a consumer account. So, give Koodo a call. I'd suggest talking to the payment department.
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I don't think Koodo has the same flexibility with the systems or retention capability as Telus does but it's worth a shot.