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add-ons for travel

Hi. live in Toronto but for the next few weeks I will be travelling to the US and then to Honduras and then to Vancouver. I want my phone to be usable during my vacation, just to send/receive texts, to check voicemail, and to make an emergency call if need be. Can anyone suggest what add-on(s) I might need in order to do this? Also, would it be possible to remove this once I get back home?

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Here you can see all the US roaming add-ons so you can pick what's best for you: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html The add-ons only last 30 days and expire after so there's no need to "remove" them. As for your trip to Honduras, there are no roaming packages or add-ons for that so you would pay the pay-per-use rate of $1.50/min, $5/MB and $0.60 per text sent and per text received.
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Just a quick note: you are not eligible for international roaming if you are on the Spending Limit program.