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Add-on not working

I tried activating an international roaming add-on on the self-serve app. I'm already out of the country and can't comnect to a network. Hence, I can't text the activation code to 5242 to activate the add-on according to the instructions on the web page. Please advise.

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Hi K,

These add-ons should really be added before departure. Outside of North America the activation code text won't work. Check in self serve under add-ons that you have the International Voice Roaming add-on to be able to use calls.
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Check your plan add-ons in self-serve. Enable international voice roaming and international data roaming then restart the phone. Some people have complained they can’t find one or the other add-ons by using the Koodo app on the phone itself. In that case, use your browser and connect to self-serve that way. Both are listed at $0 per month and are needed in order to make any kind of connection outside North America. Apparently just doing the 00TEXT or 00BUNDLE to 5242 is not enough in some cases, and won't work outside of Koodo's home network.

Instructions are at


Download Fongo. They give you a real Canadian phone # and you can call anywhere in Canada for free, regardless of where you are - providing that you have a wifi connection. You can then use this to call customer service at 1 (866) 995-6636. If you arrive overseas and have no service, this may be the only way to speak to someone at Koodo. [Thanks to Ivan].


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Hello K,

Did you confirm if the add-on has been added to your account? Feel free to send us a Private Message on Facebook or a Direct Message on Twitter so we can look into this for you.

Thank you K
koodo store can help with ad ons there
I had also added the txt15... for $10-15 with a confirmation code that it has been added to my account .... no text has gone through for me or received .... i tried to cancel my add on on self serve app and website error message is all im getting ... i dont want to pay for something im not able to use or i wouldn't have added it
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I had also added the txt15... for $10-15 with a confirmation code that it has been added to my ...Did you sign into the Koodo self serve website and add the free “International Voice Roaming" and / or the free “International Data Roaming” add on? Then turn airplane mode on and off. When your phone connects it should be working.

Buying the Add-on only nets you a savings on your roaming fees, it does not change anything about the ability of the phone to roam. Without the Add-on, you can still roam at pay-per-use prices.