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Add-on for unlimited calling for Middle Eastern and South Asian countries

It's great that some add-ons are available for unlimited calling to certain countries, but we need more of that. If there were add-ons for calling countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, it would be great.

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I'm not opposed to your idea but I think there would need to be a high enough demand for a particular country in order for Koodo to offer it. The ones now were obvious choices due to proximity (US) and population (India and China/HK) but I agree, I'd like to see more.
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Hi Nazim,

Thanks for your idea. Due to low demand, we won't be launching a Saudi Arabia or Bangladesh add ons in the near future. Once we have a larger interest, we'll certainly consider it.
I don't know what koodo's marketing strategies are, but if I could have the opportunity to do something, I would offer things like this so that customers do come from other companies, instead of waiting for them to come and then offer them something. The reason I myself came to koodo is because of the 30 free international minutes I get every month. I would not have come to koodo if it was not there. I came because koodo already offered it, and that is what attracted me. Can you think from that point of view?
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While I can't say for certain I'm sure they have all kinds of stats they can look at when making these decisions. They can probably see as a total how many mins each month are used to call anywhere in the world as a collective sum. I'm not sure how high the costs are to implement one of these packages, but spending money in hopes that it will eventually turn a profit isn't good business especially if the stats are there saying that it won't be popular enough to implement. A good example is iPhone visual voicemail. It took over a year on here and dozens of people requesting it to go from being "too costly" to becoming available.