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Add-on for an old plan

I still have an old monthly plan that is no longer available, I would like to keep my old plan but just call display. I looked through the options in the add-on section but call display is not an option. Just wondering how I can add call display and still keep my old plan?

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You could call Koodo and ask if it's still available for your plan, if you don't see it, Daisy (*611 is the number to call). However, may I ask what plan you have? There might actually be a much better plan available now... but that depends on what you have right now of course 🙂
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Hi Daisy, as Call Display can not be added to an old plan as an add-on, you will have to change you plan if you wish to get this feature. All our current plans include Call Display, Voicemail and Unlimited Messaging. You can change your plan easily online via your Self Serve account, free of charge 🙂 Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.