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add new line -link missing

  • 23 April 2020
  • 3 replies

I am unable to add new line, the link is missing. It only gives option to click on my existing account, if i click on my #. I get an error message saying I have a tab and I cannot upgrade my line. I am simply trying to add additional line.  Please help

3 replies

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@ryankrishna If you just opened a line there is a 90 day cool off period before you can add another to your account. 

@Bernard Koodo  I don’t understand the cooling off period. My son recently joined Koodo and his wife would like to get a phone. He cannot add a line to his account since he joined a month ago. They’d rather not go into a store due to Covid.

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@Kwaugh Unfortunately there is a high level of fraud that happens online. That is the reason for  the limitation.  In store there are additional measures like photo ID. etc. The one thing he could try is to set up a callback and see if via our call center they can override the limitation. No guarantees but worth a try.  Pls ask him to go to koodo.com/chat and after giving his phone number ask him to type #helpss .  Once he gives his info we will then call him back.