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Activating New SIM card WITHOUT a working phone number

  • 22 July 2020
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I will be returning to Canada in August after a year abroad. I’d like to order a SIM card so I can use my phone while quarantined. 

However, reading about the SIM card activation it says “Just make sure you have an active phone on which you are changing the SIM”. 

I will be cancelling my phone plan when I leave the country I’m currently in, so my phone will not be active in Canada. 

Will I be able to activate the SIM card using someone else’s phone number or does it have to  be from my phone?


Thanks for the help

1 reply

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Are you ordering a postpaid SIM card? and during the check out process, Koodo ask you for a current number? if so, they asked a number so a rep can call in case there is a problem. there isn’t a requirement that you must have a existing number to activate a SIM. You could put a Canadian number of your friend, just in case. I don’t think they could call an international number for activation.