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Activating call forwarding remotely?

I lost my phone earlier this week and I'm expecting an important phone call. They only have my cell phone number and i have no way of calling them. Is there any way to forward calls remotely?

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To my knowledge, there isn't a way unless its from the phone.
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The carrier can do this... not to say that Koodo's customer support service representatives have the ability to do it directly but it never hurts to ask. I would say they would be able to call someone in their technical department and get it done if they are so inclined and from my experience they definitely have a can do attitude with customer service and will do what they can to help you, so I would give them a call and ask. Only risk is a few minutes of your time and maybe they can come though for you,
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Hi Jackie, we can't forward calls remotely, unfortunately. What we can do though is to suspend the account to protect you from unwanted usage and leave your Voicemail active. The call will go directly to Voicemail and you'll be able to listen to your messages (call your number and press star during the greetings). Just give us a call at 1-866-995-6636, option #5 🙂
Too bad Koodo doesn't have a phone. If they did they could easily activate it for a few minutes on your account and do the forwarding you need and then deactivate it. Maybe they should get themselves one 🙂 They might even be able to give themselves a deal on it.