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Account suspending

  • 6 September 2020
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I would like to temporarily suspend my account for the next two months because I am outside Canada and I am not gonna be using Koodo services.



Mohamed R.

Phone Number : ***


2 replies

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See ‘Setting up a Seasonal Hold plan’ link:


“Setting up a Seasonal Hold plan and resuming services when you return
To set up the Seasonal Hold Plan, you will need to go to koodo.com/chat and enter "seasonal hold" to schedule a callback, and one of our reps can talk you through the process. Your account must be in good standing and have been active for more than 90 days to be eligible for Seasonal Hold.

Once you’re home, you will need to go to koodo.com/chat and enter "seasonal hold" to schedule a callback. In most cases, we can set you back up on your old plan when you return to Canada; however, in some rare cases, we won’t be able to restore a plan, which usually happens if the plan has been discontinued*”.

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Hi Mohamed,


Just like @nim4165 said, you can choose Seasonal hold for the price of $15/month. In order to make the change, you must schedule a call back with my colleagues from Customer care or to send us a private message on Facebook/Twitter.

Also, I advise you to avoid posting personal information like your phone number, account number or address.


Best regards,