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Just signed up for $30 monthly plan, double airtime (150 mins) and dats (200 MB). Any idea why my online account shows usage 0/25 anytime minutes?? It shows 25 instead of 150.

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Yup because you've already used a good portion of your anytime minutes before you made the switch. So this is proration. Once your bill date hits you'll get the full amount of minutes. Some quick math says you've got about 5 days until your bill date but don't quote me. Check self seve. It'll tell you.
I'm assuming you mean you just switched to a new plan from an old plan? It takes a while for the online plan change to show. Check again tomorrow and it should reflect your new plan.
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This is because you got the plan 5 days prior to the billing cycle the system decided for your account, once your new billing cycle starts, you will see 150 min... 150 min / 30 days = 5 min 5 min * 5 days = 25 minutes to use in 5 days