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A plan with less minutes/extra Data!!

  • 7 April 2014
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You should have a plan that accomodates people who don't make a lot of calls, but text/use a lot of data. My husband and I only use a few of our 400 minutes every month, so the unlimited calling is not worth the extra money, but we could use unlimited text (which we have right now) and maybe 4 or 5 GB of data, instead of paying the overage rates. I suggest maybe....a $50 plan that includes just a couple hundred minutes, but unlimited text and 5 GB of data (and of course the regular extras as well, like unlimited family calling, voicemail, nights/weekends, etc).

1 reply

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I agree, but it won't happen anytime soon, and especially not for $50 (unless you live in MB/SK). Telecoms know where the demand is these days and until some serious government ass kicking happens or a large amount of consumers leave the service and sacrifice network quality to go with Wind, they'll continue to charge high prices for it and get away with it.