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$75 vs $60 Canada-wide plans

What is the benefit of the $75 Canada-wide plan? The only difference indicated as compared to the $60 Canada-wide plan is that it offers 3 GB of data included rather than 2 GB. Would it not then just be better to get the $60 plan and pay only $10 more for that extra GB rather than $15 more to go with the $75 plan?

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Yes you're right but if you pay attention the $60 plan is on double promo right now and will go back to 1GB (should have actually went back yesterday). So when the promo is over, the $75 plan will be better than the $60 one but RIGHT NOW, it's best to get the $60 plan
yes it would be better , because the only diffrence between the two plans is the amount of data, And as you said for $10 you can get 1 GB (5$/500MB) and that would be 70 $...here you saved 5$ Great !