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5 Day Text Delay

Wow! I just received a text message dated 1:48PM Sat. Jan 16 in response to a text I had sent at 10:16 AM Sat Jan 16. It took till today Jan 21 at 2 PM for his message to get to me. 5 days! I have a basic Samsung Evergreen cell phone with basic nation wide talk and text based in Vernon, BC.

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It could have been a problem from the other persons end as much as yours. There's no way to really determine who's at fault. It could be a network issue or a phone issue, on either side. I recommend turning off your phone, removing your battery and then put it back in to help prevent  this in the future
Thank you. I'll try turning off the phone and removing and reinstalling the phone after the next time I text.
Just get a new cell.
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Thebigwop3 wrote:

Just get a new cell.

You should work in sales 🙂

But yes, updating to a newer device will help prevent little issues like these ones.
If not in pure functionality, then at least in the availability of information regarding troubleshooting.

Back to the original issue, as Ahmad said it could be any number of factors.
I would suggest keeping an eye on it, or even testing it out more than once with the same person to see if it happens again.

Hope it works out !
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Hello The bigwop3, if you have a question about your new cell, you can post it as a new question on a new thread. Thanks 🙂