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$45 4G Starter Plan not available to switch to?

  • 7 October 2021
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My tab has been paid off and I’m on a 2 year old $45 for 2GB plan. I saw on the Koodo site this morning that there is a $45 plan under the starter section (bring your own phone) that provides 6 GB.

45per month
6 GB of Shock-Free™ data at 4G LTE speed

This looks like a good plan for what I want, 3 times the data with the same add ons for the same price. Yet when I try to change my plan in Self Service I only see the lower starter option $35 for 3GB at 3G speeds plus the more expensive options starting at $50.

Why cant I see the $45 Starter Plan? I understand some special offers are only available when buying a phone but this is a Starter Plan under Bring Your Own Phone?

Is there nothing between $35 for 3G speeds and $50 for 4G speeds for existing customers? 




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5 replies

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The plans were just released this morning so it could be a delay in the selfserve portal having them or they could be like the $15 starter plan in which you need to contact customer service to get it.

If you can wait, I'd wait a few hours and see if it naturally fixes itself, otherwise the easiest way to get a hold of a rep is by shooting of a pm to Koodo via Facebook or Twitter and a rep can look into it for you.

Hi Allan,

Oh thanks, hopefully it shows up, I think that’s the perfect plan for myself and my wife so I’ll keep an eye on the site.


Thanks for your help,


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No problem, I'm just clarifying now that they're eligible for plan changes and it's not something that has further restrictions on it just to make sure. I'll give you an update later today!

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Unfortunate news, the new 4G starter plans are not eligible for plan changes, only for new activations. They’re working on adding some wording now to clarify that.

Oh that’s very unfortunate, and a little unfair on existing customers. These are starter plans and by their nature pretty basic in todays market. Koodo is encouraging existing customers to switch to another provider if they want a basic plan. My wife and I will have to shop around now and see what’s available to us. 


Thanks anyway,