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$ 40 plan of koodo and add of $20 for India calling. How free minutes are considered ?

I am planning to buy a monthly $ 40 plan of koodo. It includes 500 minutes of Canada wide minutes. I also require an add-on to India calling for which koodo is charging $20 and will provide me 1000 minutes free calling to India. I am still confused that, will 500 minutes (with plan) and 1000 minutes (with add-on) will be considered separately. Mean, will there be total 1500 minutes in which there will be 500 minutes for Canada calling and 1000 minutes to India or 1000 minutes will be part of my 500 original minutes. Please suggest

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Hi there!

Airtime minutes still apply, so when you make a call to India, you will be using your 500 minutes, unless you are making those calls after 5 p.m. or during the weekends when the calls are unlimited for that plan...

Thanks for the response Camilo