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30 day US data roaming package???

  • 28 October 2012
  • 2 replies

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Have you considered adding a US data roaming package? I was looking at the plans that are offered and they are just for texting and talking - what about the people that use BBM or need to use the internet and need a data connection. There is a 3 day US roaming package, and I thought that there would be a 30 day one as well 0 but very surprised when there was not one there. Thank you very much

2 replies

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While I agree a stand alone data package would be nice, if you're going to call or text at all it's a better deal to get the 30 day combo. It lowers your data rate to the point where it's the same $/mb as the 3 day pass. It all depends on how long you are down there for. The 3 day passes are technically 4 days (you get the rest of the day you activate it and the 3 full days after), I was in LA for 8 days in August and just added the 3 day pass twice. If I would have needed a third I would have just done the 30 day combo and had some voice mins as well.
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Hey Dave, Just wanted to let you know that we have a 30-day US Roaming Add-On that include a data option. Check out our Travel page for more info: koodomobile.com/travelling Thanks for submitting your idea.