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$30 4GB addon

  • 14 October 2012
  • 7 replies

I have to give Koodo credit for this data add-on. The flex data plans are nice, but a fixed data amount is also a really nice way to go. 4GB for $30 is really nice to see.

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7 replies

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Yep! I hope this isn't a limited-time promotional offer cos I'd really like to grab this later when I have a better cashflow
I thought I saw a few posts from the reps on here saying that the 4GB addon is a limited time promo offer, though I'm not too sure how long. I think you'd better grab it now before it's too late :S.
This offer is only available until the 14 of october so hurry...
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Gah! That doesn't help me at all. I really can't add it right now cos my $$$ is held up elsewhere... I guess I will just have to hope they bring it back another day.
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I'm pretty sure Koodo came up with this add-on to compete against Virgin Mobile's 6GB add-on for $30. It's not the same but I guess it was the best Koodo could do.
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That can't be it John. Virgin no longer has the six gb add-on. And when virgin stopped it is when koodo introduced their 4Gb add on.
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It's probably to compete with the "bigger boys" they all dropped their 6 gigs of data down to 4 in their $75 plans.