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2GB45 Plan not taking effect?

  • 12 July 2019
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I received an email from Koodo entitled "Account changes are coming" indicating my monthly rate will change to $43 and giving me a special offer for a new plan if I texted "2GB45 to 5241" by July 31st. It said "It may take up to 7 days to process, but don't worry, you'll get a text from us when the change gets applied to your account".

I have two phones on my account, both on the 500 min, 500GB + 500GB bonus plan. On Jul 3 I texted 2GB45 to 5241 from both phones. On the first text I got the following text in reply "Success! This is to confirm that your new plan (...) will be processed within 7 days" It is now July 12, and I the new plan has still not taken effect, I have not received a confirmation and on my self serve I still have my previous plan.

On the second I received the text "Sorry it doesn't look like you are eligible for this off at the moment. Is this this because it was covered by the first text? It too shows that I am still am on my previous plan.

How do I get my new plan to take effect ? Or make sure that I am actually getting this new plan? And is it only available for only one of the numbers on my account?

Thank you so much for your help!

2 replies

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I would wait until the end of today and see if the new plan is in effect.

I will flag this to Koodo anyway, hopefully someone can change your plan here.

You could ask a rep to apply the promo to other lines. They might change it for you.
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Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us and for reporting the above mentioned glitch with the promo plan change. I have good news for you: I corrected the situation, you've got the $ 45.00 deal for both active lines from your account. 🙂 My recommendation: pay attention to an important detail regarding the way in which you may use the mobile data: Koodo offers you the mobile data prorated if the change was made somewhere in the middle of the billing cycle. Since all Koodo rate plans are now Shock Free Data offers, you cannot go over the full data allotment, so there won't be overcharges on you future bill. However, the change made today allows you to use only 1 Gb and 341 MB during the current billing cycle (to be ended on 31st of July). Starting 1st of August, you'll get the full 2 GB data allotment, for both lines. 🙂 Don't hesitate to contact us, in case you might have other questions for us! We're here for you! 🙂